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Repeat order product pricing is fixed on an annual basis*. The repeat order product prices are updated to the current storefront price, and the discount is recalculated in your favor, on the repeat order anniversary. The maximum product price increase will never exceed 10% using this method.
*Repeat order recalculation may occur at any time if special circumstances arise, but only with prior notice to you found on the invoice in the previous order shipping box as described above.
Repeat order shipping amount may fluctuate slightly each month due to the constantly changing fuel surcharge price that is determined by the delivering carriers.
When repeat order promotion are offered, and accepted by you, with an automatic percentage discount on the first non-automatic repeating order storefront order shipped to you, then you have also agreed to purchase and have sent to you a minimum of one (1) actual repeating order with the same discount percentage applied prior to any cancellation, modification resulting in reduction of value, or order placed on hold. If you cancel, reduce or hold the order you agree to repay the original promotional discount and pay a $5.00 account fee.
*Credit card payments are eligible for the repeat order discount. PayPal technology does not support our repeat order program. Repeat orders using PayPal will be repeated by way of PayPal payment request method, but will be provided no discount due to the additional labor required to process the PayPal payment on a repeating order. To change your payment method from PayPal to credit card securely, to obtain your discount, click http://payment.rawdis.com.

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Country Of Origin and Processing Details
Our products are made in Mexico.

Rawhide from Mexico isn’t any different than rawhide from US cattle. There is a difference in price. Our products are less expensive because there is a “marketing premium” paid for the Made in USA label, even though the made in USA label can be deceiving.

Did you know some that claim “Made in US” can be deceiving? Rawhide material can be shipped to China, or any other country, then processed into dog chews, then re-imported into the US and can still be labeled Product of USA. Reason is, since the rawhide was exported as rawhide and re-imported as rawhide (just processed and shaped into dog chews) US Customs does not consider that enough of a change of the product to require the seller (by law) to mark it as made in the other country. So, the chew could have been processed in China, but carry a Made in USA tag. If wood was exported to China and cut to a different size the wood could still say made in USA. But, if it was made into a table, then it is enough of a change that US Customs would require the new table to say “Made in China”. A change from wood into a table is enough of a change to require, by law, marking the product with the new country of origin. Check deeper into any claims of “Made in USA”.

There are minimum requirements established by the USDA for safety and your protection. The USDA requires certain heat treating requirements of rawhide dog chews to render them safe. With the requirements under the USDA, made in US or made in Mexico renders the chews safe.

Our products undergo several inspections. A Veterinarian at the factory, the USDA, the FDA and US Customs inspects our products before they reach our distribution facility, then our QC department inspects them again at the distribution facility.

Our processing details:

  • The raw hide raw material is soaked in an alkaline solution ((Ca(OH)2) to clean and prepare for quality control. Unacceptable material is trimmed and discarded. Acceptable raw material that passes our strict standards is passed to production.
  • Further cleaning to accepted raw hide raw material is soaked in a solution of water and ammonia sulfate ((NH4)2SO4) at the required temperature for the required amount of time to kill bacteria. (all temps and time are our proprietary recipe)
  • The clean raw hide is then sterilized in Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) at the required temperature for the required amount of time. This also has a desired side effect of making the raw hide the yellow-white color you are familiar with.
  • After the raw hide is cleaned and sterilized it has to be neutralized from the PH level achieved and necessary for cleaning and sterilization. The ammonia sulfate and hydrogen peroxide solutions are neutralized by giving the raw hide raw material a bath of sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, (NaHCO3) solution at the required temperature and for the required amount of time. The raw hide raw material is no longer raw material now, it is edible rawhide.
  • The rawhide is then shaped and stored in our “greenhouse” (constantly temperature controlled room) until about 85% of the humidity is removed to achieve the desired hardness.
  • The product is then inspected again and the items that pass our quality control standards are either packaged for sale, or they are further worked with the FDA approved colorings and/or flavorings, re-dried, and then packaged for sale.

At no time is bleach or arsenic used in our manufacturing process. No chemicals are left without neutralization during the manufacturing process.

Our products are safe for your pets and ours.


The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. If you provide a delivery address to an unsecure location, such as your home when no one is available to receive the package, the package will be delivered on your property without your signature. If this is unsafe, where someone else may take the package without your authorization, you may choose to go back to the “delivery address” section and provide us with a location where the package can be received by a person and/or signed for, or if you have completed check-out you may then e-mail us with an address where the package will be safe or signed for and we will make the change to the shipping label if your request is received before the package is picked up. We will do the same after it is picked up for the fee that is charged by the carrier to make an in-transit address change. Scrumptious Delights, or the delivering carrier, is not responsible for packages taken from a delivery location once delivered. Delivery is considered complete when indicated by the carrier’s delivery scan that the package was delivered to the location you instructed us to deliver the package to. The scan is provided by the carriers online tracking information. We cannot be responsible for deliveries not received resulting from an incorrect address we are provided in the delivery address section.

An important note about shipping prices.

We do not increase the price of our chews to offset shipping costs, nor do we increase the price of our chews to cover the entire shipping costs and then advertise “free shipping”. If a storefront advertises free shipping, or free shipping after a certain dollar amount spent, they have that cost of shipping included in the higher price of their products. No carriers offer free shipping to merchants like us, so it has to be paid for somehow. We think it is not fair to the customer to pay a higher price for an item to be tricked into thinking they are getting free shipping.

We offer a high quality product at a discount price, and keep shipping out of the product price. Rawhide chews are relatively inexpensive when compared to clothing or jewelry for example. Clothing is light in weight can be compressed into a small box, or shipping bag, resulting in a low shipping price for a high priced item. Jewelry is small and light to begin with so an expensive item can ship inexpensively. Rawhide chews cannot be compressed into a smaller box and when any quantity of rawhide is purchased the weight adds up to become a heavy box. The carriers charge either based on weight or based on size of the box, the greater of the two. At times shipping may appear expensive as a result of nature of our product being inexpensive, the inability to compress the order into a small box and the heavy weight being shipped. We offer our discounted rate from the carriers, not the list price without the discount. We do our best to keep shipping to a minimum knowing the facts about shipping, so we offer the discount price and do not profit on shipping.


It’s easy to get big savings on shipping. FedEx, UPS, and USPS start with a base price, for example, $9.00, then they add a small amount for each pound the box weighs. The more a box weighs the price goes up, but slowly. A small order will appear to have a very high shipping cost.

A 1 pound order will cost you $5 for the chews and $10.95 to ship. Shipping appears expensive.
A 100 pound order will cost you $500 for the chews and $40 to ship. Shipping appears cheap.
That means a heavy box will cause it to be, and to appear, cheaper “per bone” to ship.

You also need to know that shipping companies do not care what the values of the items are inside the box, they only care about the pounds which they are going to charge for.
If you buy 1 pound of chews it will cost you about $5 for the product and $10.95 for the shipping.
If you buy 1 pound of gold (year 2012 $1400 per oz x 16 oz) it’ll cost you about $22,400 and $10.95 to ship.
It is $10.95 to ship either box, because they both weigh the same at 1 pound.
Yes, it can actually cost more in shipping than the value of the item if the item is economical because shipping is based on a minimum shipping charge and then after that it’s based on how much the box weighs. Shipping appears expensive for low priced items. Shipping appears inexpensive for high priced items. How do we save money? We ship more. We don’t say this to sell you more product, we say this to save you shipping costs. Here is the math:

Estimate Example 1:
If your order is about $10.
Shipping cost will be the “base rate” of about $9.00, plus,
Shipping cost will be about another $2 for the “shipping weight” of the small order.
Estimate 1 shipping total $11.00 for a $10 chew order.

Estimate Example 2:
Double the amount and weight of example 1 above.
Your order is for $20.
Shipping cost will be the “base rate” of about $9.00, plus,
Shipping cost will be about another $4 for the “shipping weight” of the order.
Estimate 2 shipping total $13.00 for a $20 chew order.
You doubled the order but shipping cost about $2 more. It is not $22 which is double of estimate 1.

Estimated Example 3:
Triple the amount and weight of example 1 above.
Your order is for $30.
Shipping cost will be the “base rate” of about $9.00, plus,
Shipping cost will be about another $5 for the “shipping weight” of the order.
Estimate 3 shipping total $14.00 for a $30 chew order.
You tripled the first order and paid $3 more.

This example is based on a customer asking about changing an order from monthly, to every other month or if they should change it to quarterly. They choose quarterly. They stopped paying $11 each month for 12 months and instead pay $14 only 4 times per year for shipping.
$11 x 12=$132 annual shipping.
$14 x 4 = $56 annual shipping.
They save on shipping costs over a one year time because they have more product shipped less often.
They increased their order and had heavier boxes ship to them less frequently so their money was spent on chews and not on shipping costs.
They received the same amount of product. They tripled their order so their order lasts 3 months. Instead of having the order ship every month they have the triple size order ship every 3 months. They save a lot as a result.

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Shipping Information and Details:
Standard Shipping Includes (when available):

Same or next day processing,

Carrier of our choice,

48 states only,

Cannot deliver to a PO Box,

3-8 day delivery (may take longer during holiday seasons).
US Postal Service Priority Mail/Parcel Post Shipping Includes:

Same or next day processing,

Shipping to your home, business or a PO Box,

Priority Mail: 2-3 day delivery. Parcel Post: About 3-12 day delivery.
FedEx Shipping Includes:

Same or next day processing,

Shipping to your home or business only (sorry, no PO Boxes),

1-8 day delivery, may be longer during peak times such as holidays,

May deliver by FedEx Truck to your home or FedEx may deliver your order to your local post office and your postal carrier completes the final delivery to your home.

Fedex Home/Ground Estimated Transit Time Map.

If you require faster delivery or prefer a different carrier than which is listed above then we can assist you. Contact Customer Care or call us at

For instructions to add multiple addresses to the drop down selector on the previous page in the event you wish to save multiple addresses for different billing or shipping locations, or to change your name and/or address: Click to change or add delivery address..

At this time Scrumptions Delights, Inc. ships merchandise to locations within the United States and the U.S. Territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. Additionally, Rawhide Distributors, Inc ships merchandise to Mexico, but not to other international locations. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.


Customs and import duties may be applied to International orders when the shipment reaches its destination. Such charges are the responsibility of the recipient of your order and vary from country to country. Contact your local customs office for details.

Shipping laws are different in each country. It is your responsibility to check with your Customs office to verify whether the country to which you are shipping permits the shipment of your products. Rawhide Distributors, Inc. is not responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages that arise from improper international shipping practices.

Sales Tax

Scrumptions Delights charges sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Web site based on the Texas state sales tax rate when shipped to locations within Texas.


The Content included in this Web site has been compiled from a variety of sources and is subject to change without notice as are any products, programs, offerings, or technical information described in this Web site. Scrumptions Delights makes no representation or warranty whatsoever regarding the completeness, quality, or adequacy of the Web site or Content, or the suitability, functionality, or operation of this Web site or its Content. By using this Web site, you assume the risk that the Content on this Web site may be inaccurate, incomplete, offensive, or may not meet your needs and requirements. Scrumptions Delights SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NONINFRINGEMENT WITH RESPECT TO THESE WEB PAGES AND CONTENT. IN NO EVENT WILL Rawhide Distributors BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES EVEN IF COMPANY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. — OR Depending on State — The information and content on this server is provided “as is” with no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Any warranty that is provided in connection with any of the products and services described on this Web site is provided by the advertiser or manufacturer only, and not by Scrumptions Delights. The references and descriptions of products or services within the Web site materials are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Scrumptions Delights is not liable for any damages, including any consequential damages, of any kind that may result to the user from the use of the materials on this Web site or of any of the products or services described hereon. The descriptions of, and references to, products, services and companies on this Web site are the sole responsibility of the companies providing the information (“advertisers”), and not Scrumptions Delights. The inclusion of material on this server does not imply any endorsement by Scrumptions Delights, which makes no warranty of any kind with respect to the subject matter of the server materials advertised. A possibility exists that the server materials could include inaccuracies or errors. Additionally, a possibility exists that unauthorized additions, deletions, and alterations could be made by third parties to the server materials. Although Scrumptions Delights tries to ensure the integrity and the accurateness of the server materials, it makes no guarantees about their correctness or accuracy. Before relying on any representation made in any of the server materials, check with the advertiser of the product or service to ensure that the information you are relying upon is correct.

Return Policy


Returns of unopened and unadulterated products within 30 days of the purchase date are eligible. Actual shipping charges and/or handling fees are non-refundable. Orders may be subject to a restocking fee. We’re sorry, returns sent via collect freight will not be accepted, and will be refused at the customers peril and loss.

To return an eligible product send the product, using a tracking and signature service, prepaid freight, to:

Product Returns

RMA – Return Merchandise Authorization Information

To return a product that is defective, that you did not order, or that we sent you in error:

Send us an e-mail, or use the Contact link at the top of the page, and describe the situation.

Wait for us to reply to you with a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) within 48-72 hours.

Tape the box securely for shipping and leave in the designated area for the courier to pickup.

Clearance Priced items are non-returnable. All sales are final.

*Credit card payments are required to receive a repeat order discount. PayPal technology does not support our repeat order program. Repeat orders using PayPal will be repeated by way of PayPal payment request method, but no discount will be offered due to the additional labor required to process the PayPal payment on a repeating order. To change your payment method from PayPal to credit card securely, to obtain your discount, complete the secure and encrypted online Payment Update Form.

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